ABE.pm is a group for programmers, professional or hobbyist, in or near the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. Although we're part of the Perl Mongers organization, we're interested in lots of different languages and topics. ABE.pm can be the ABE Programming Meetup. 😄

ABE.pm is primarily a social group. Although we occasionally have technical meetings and presentations, nine out of ten of our meetings are social gatherings at a local bar for dinner. We meet once a month, on the second Wednesday of the month. To find out for sure when and where we'll be meeting, join our mailing list.

ABE.pm is for anybody who is interested, regardless of accent, color, creed, education, gender, or anything else. We don't even care if you don't know any Perl. We tend to meet at places with beer, but we do not drink to excess. If you want to stick to soft drinks, nobody will care, and you won't end up surrounded by blithering drunks. We might talk about politics, religion, or science fiction, and sometimes we forget to talk about programming. The only rule is: be chill.